Our Quote System

  • Skelcore’s international website and its products perform with dual purpose, serving firstly as a showcase of our catalog, products and partners. Secondly with a limited scope of directly shoppable online Items.
  • Skelcore’s direct online sales vary by region, we do not offer direct consumer sales online in certain regions or territories including the USA and Europe.
  • We wish to inform you that users with slower internet connections or those using older web browsers might experience the ability to add items to their cart.
  • However, please note that items without a price, items priced at $0 or equivalent zero rated pricing as well as products without our "Add to Quote" button are not available for purchase online in any territory.
  • Orders placed for such said items, rated at $0 or equivalent will be cancelled automatically.
  • For any inquiries, additional information, or assistance in building your gym, please visit the following link: CONTACT US. Leave us a message, and we will respond promptly.

To better understand our "Build Quote" system, here's a brief overview:

Step 1: Browse & Build

Begin by constructing your gym with the help of our intuitive quote builder. Explore and select from our diverse range of products and collections to suit your needs.

Step 2: Product Selection

Modify the quantities of your chosen items and finalize your selection. Once satisfied, proceed to complete the form which you can find either to the right of your screen or directly on the quote builder page.

Step 3: Contact Information

In order to reach out to you we would like to know a bit more about you. Please fill out the form with your relevant contact details.

Step 4: Review Information

Review your form for accuracy and submit it either through the popup window or via the quote builder page. This will enable a seamless connection with our sales team. Based on your region and selected products, our team will get in touch with you within 24 to 48 hours.