Thanks for all you do

Military, First Responders and TeacherDiscounts

For all you give. We're grateful every day for those who serve our country and keep us safe
and healthy. In honour of your support, we offer 15% off to Military members, First
Responders and Teachers in the US.

*See below for full Military & First Responders Terms
and Conditions.

Who's eligible?

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How to get verified?

Visit the GovX website to get verified and create your account. Once approved, click the GovXID
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Includes all active, reservist, veteran and retired military personnel.

*The spouses and dependents of active personnel from the same household are also eligible-
Please verify separately.

First Responders

Includes firefighters, law enforcement, search and rescue, EMT's, medical doctors, and licensed nurses.


Includes education professionals at all levels including college, high school, grade school and elementary school.