Intellectual Property Agreement & Notice

Trademark Usage

This Intellectual Property Agreement and the corresponding
notices are incorporated in the Skelcore® Terms of Service

SKELCORE® is a trademark. The SKELCORE® trademark protects consumers by identifying Evolution Group USA, LLC as the source of Our quality goods and services sold or provided under the SKELCORE® trademark. The trademark therefore creates jobs and helps ensure people are purchasing original products from Us.

Help protect the community that depends upon the SKELCORE® brand by following these simple guidelines about the use of the SKELCORE® trademark:

Use the SKELCORE® trademark with a generic description of the SKELCORE® product or services, for example:

Use a trademark symbol - ® or ™ “Check out my Skelcore® leggings!”

If You cannot use a trademark symbol owing to, for example,
technological limitations or restrictions, use the mark distinctively, and italicized, for example: “Check out my Skelcore leggings!”

Use a trademark notice:

“SKELCORE® and the Skelcore logos are trademarks of Evolution Group USA, LLC, used with permission.”

Do not create variations of the SKELCORE® trademark or combine it with other words or trademarks or create unofficial names – the only proper uses are those found at

If You would like to learn more about becoming licensed to use the SKELCORE® trademark or have any questions about the proper use of the SKELCORE® trademark, please email Us at If You would like to report unauthorized use of the SKELCORE® trademark, please email Us at

Guidelines For Using The SKELCORE® Trademarks

The SKELCORE® trademarks are valuable assets of Evolution Group USA, LLC and may only be used in accordance with these guidelines. In following these guidelines, You help Evolution Group USA, LLC protect our valuable trademark rights, strengthen our community, distinguish our products from counterfeits and our services from impostors.

The SKELCORE® Trademarks

Trademark Offices around the world provide our company with legal means for protecting consumers, licensees, distributors and our company from imitation or counterfeit products and services. These rights include the exclusive right to use our trademarks in the countries they are registered and a presumption of validity of the registered trademarks. Proper use of the marks serves to distinguish SKELCORE® products and services from the products and services of other companies and helps prevent damage to our marks.

SKELCORE® and the Skelcore Logos are trademarks of Evolution Group USA, LLC.

SKELCORE® also has trademark registrations and rights in many countries, including the United States and all members of the European Community. Our products have anti-counterfeiting solutions on them that you should check.  We recommend purchasing only from trusted sources.  If you are concerned that a product offered
anywhere is not an original SKELCORE® product or that you have received a counterfeit product, please send us images of the product, the proof of purchase, and the point of sale by email to  We do not recommend purchasing from the following sellers: eBay, or Alibaba.

Who May Use The SKELCORE® Trademarks?

Anyone licensed by Evolution Group USA, LLC  has the right to promote and use the SKELCORE® Trademark so long as such use follows the guidelines in their written license agreement. We ask that our licensees contact Us immediately if they become
aware of any unauthorized or improper use of the SKELCORE® Trademarks, by emailing with detailed information.

Use of the SKELCORE® Logos

The SKELCORE Logos were designed to designate products and services developed by Evolution Group USA, LLC and may be used by licensees in its exact form to advertise and promote SKELCORE products and Services. Under no circumstances may the SKELCORE Logos be used, without Evolution Group USA, LLC’s  express written consent, to manufacture and sell products such as clothing or any other merchandise. The Logos are not to be used in any form that varies from the sample provided and must not be used in combination with any other trade name or logo.

Rules For Proper Use of SKELCORE® Trademarks

Trademarks are adjectives used to modify nouns; the noun is the generic name of a product or service. For example, SKELCORE® leggings.

As adjectives, trademarks may not be used in the plural or possessive form.

An appropriate generic term must appear after the trademark the first time it appears in a printed piece, and as often as is reasonable after that. For example, do not use phrases such as “We offer SKELCORE.” The correct use of the trademark is “We offer Skelcore leggings.”

Do NOT use the SKELCORE Trademarks as nouns or verbs. For example, never use “SKELCORE” as a noun to describe a style of apparel. It is proper to say “the Skelcore fitness apparel.” It is not proper to say, “Check out my Skelcore.”

Always spell and capitalize the first letter SKELCORE trademarks correctly. Do not shorten or abbreviate SKELCORE product names. Do not make up names that contain SKELCORE trademarks. Do not change the spelling, insert hyphens or combine two words into one.

Do NOT use the SKELCORE Trademarks as a Trade Name. It is incorrect to use the SKELCORE Trademarks as part of Your company name or facility name.


NO lower case—For example, skelcore or skelcore tops.

NOT as a verb—For example, “I’m Skelcoring on Saturday, are You?”

NOT as a noun—For example, “My Skelcore are the best quality.”

NOT in a trade name—For instance, “South Beach SKELCORE.”

NOT as part of a domain name or social media username—For

NOT as a generic term—For example, as a name for a fitness
program “My gym offers skelcore.”

NOT to advertise programs or products not affiliated with Evolution Group USA, LLC.

If You replicate Our trademarks, use the appropriate trademark symbol (TM,) the first time and all emphasized times the SKELCORE trademarks appear in the text of the advertisement, brochure, or other material.

Use a trademark notice. The notice is the legal text that identifies Evolution Group USA, LLC’s  trademarks. The legend should be printed in legible type and appear on each page of any material or website that contains a Skelcore trademark. For example, the legend may be printed at the end of a document, on the front cover of documentation, on a website’s “About” page, or on the bottom of a web page.

This is the correct format for Your Trademark Notice:

SKELCORE® and the Skelcore Logos are trademarks of Evolution Group USA, LLC, used under license.

NOTE: If You are using Skelcore or Evolution Group USA, LLC copyrighted information, You also put a copyright notice with the Trademark Notice, like this:

COPYRIGHT © 2020-2022 – Evolution Group USA, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Skelcore® and the Skelcore Logos are trademarks of Evolution Group USA, LLC, used under license.

Copyright Complaints

We respect the intellectual property of others. If You believe We may have content that infringes Your copyright, please follow these procedures. Please submit Your complaint by emailing Us at Our “email for Notice copies” or writing Us at the address contained in this Agreement, attention “Legal Department.” Please include the following information to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act :

A signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright interest;

A description of the copyrighted work that You believe has been infringed upon;

A description of where the material that You believe is infringing is located on the site;

Your address, telephone number, and e-mail address;

A statement by You that You have a good-faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law;

A statement by You, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in Your notice is accurate and that You are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf.

We may not be able to keep You informed of the investigation and results, but We will investigate each report in due course and with commercially reasonable resources.