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Health and Wellness have always been very prominent in our family life, so it was natural that we developed a passion and unique view of fitness.

After 18 years of my family designing and selling private label and internationally licensed fitness brands, we decide in 2020 with the boom of the fitness industry that is was time for us to develop our own brand and move from South Africa to Miami to launch the brand.

Having a passion for Fitness, Tannah and I decided during the pandemic to do our fitness instructor and basic sports nutrition certification, when it became evident that the principles of training for longevity were critical and in order to achieve this you needed to “Protect your Skeleton and build your Core – hence the name Skelcore was born – which is the essence of human fitness.

Today, SKELCORE seeks to design and source high-quality, performance-oriented garments, fitness accessories, and equipment that will aid in anyone's pursuit of becoming their best version.

We are driven by FOUR core principals - Our 4F's - Feel / Fit / Function / Family

Our 4F's

Every item in our collection has been developed to meet these 4Fs, from our resistance tubes to our leggings. We design products that make people feel empowered and confident with a focus on sustainability, from our recycled clothing collection to carbon neutral shipping.

Connor Ackermann

Marketing Director

From our family to yours,
Marc, Candice, Connor, Tannah, Troy